artist statement 작가노트
My practice lies on consideration of the boundaries of duality that comes in the ritual of making: completion and incompletion, collision and missing, central and non-central, restriction and liberation, addition and subtraction, connection and broken, full and empty, control and surrender and absence and presence.

The hyperpresence of duality and their connection are tracings, leaving evidence of what was there. I attempt to deliver and engrave the experience of duration, the moving of space and time on the border of the personal and universal.

The iterations present a new space and time for the viewers to decide their own resonance, to think about the present and environment they are encountering. The scarring of surfaces is to direct one’s experience, to provide guidance, to pace and curate ever-presence, collecting “real-world references”. I consider the world building experience for both myself as the maker and for the viewers; crafting environments to generate focus, clarity in the mind. Rebuilding and reimagining surroundings and continuum through visual language, the works showcase a homogenized new window.

Birthed from the touch of pouring, wiping, sanding, moving, my works invite one to experience their own space and time, along with the moment I shared my dialogues through haptic momentum meeting the surface.